Every year, we deliver grants to nonprofits around Los Angeles that support effective and innovative programs leading to economic self-sufficiency and financial security for underprivileged women and girls.

Launched in September 2010 by Helen MacKinnon and Alisa Freundlich, the LA Giving Circle was the offspring of another giving circle that ended when the financial crisis hit in 2008. Both Helen and Alisa felt strongly that the idea of creating a community of philanthropists who share a common goal of a better life for underserved women and girls was important enough to create a new and improved giving circle. And so, the LAGC was (re)born.

Starting with just 25 members in 2011, the LAGC was able to grant $28,000 in its first year. Today, our membership has grown to include 70 generous women and men.

This year (2019) we gave away $160,000 to five Los Angeles organizations that have demonstrated tremendous passion and dedication to our mission.


Check out all the organizations in Los Angeles we have funded over the past several years.

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The Los Angeles Giving Circle is a different way of donating. It is grassroots, involved, communal, and personal.

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