The Los Angeles Giving Circle focuses on Los Angeles County organizations that work to increase the financial independence of women and girls. Programs we support encompass job training, financial literacy, leadership development, and mentoring.

The Circle uses a modified consensus model for decision-making. Each Grant Committee member’s opinion is solicited and valued. Members meet four times in the first half of the year.  Our grant-making process begins in January with a request for proposals and review. Site visits are conducted in March and April, and grant decisions are announced in May. Each potential grantee is vetted and all grant recipients are tracked to determine outcomes of our grants.

The LAGC has given grants of up to $35,000 and has awarded over $500,000 since its inception in 2010. In 2017, we will grant $125,000. 

There are two ways you can join the Los Angeles Giving Circle: 


All donations to the LAGC are tax deductible and go directly towards funding the impactful nonprofits that are selected each year.

There are several ways to fulfill your pledge/commitment:

  1. Mail your check to Liberty Hill Foundation, 6420 Wilshire Blvd, #700, Los Angeles, CA 90048 (our preferred method of payment). Please put LA Giving Circle in the memo line.
  2. Make your secure donation by credit card at Liberty Hill. Note that we incur a 3.3% service charge if you donate with a credit card.
  3. Recommend a grant from your donor advised fund. Please specify the Los Angeles Giving Circle in the documentation that accompanies the gift.
  4. Transfer stock (please email to arrange)
  5. Set up monthly credit card payments at Liberty Hill.


Joining the Grants Committee has a variety of benefits beyond simply donating; being a member of the committee is an opportunity to participate in site visits as well as to review and vote on all of the incoming grant requests. You'll also be directly involved in the final allocation of funds at the conclusion of the granting cycle.  

Members who wish to serve on the Grants committee are asked to make a minimum annual contribution that is scaled according to age:

Minimum donation to participate in the Grants Committee:  Under (age) 36: $750   36-40: $1500   Over 40: $2000


We have social and educational events throughout the year which provide an opportunity to meet other likeminded women and men. They include film screenings, relevant lectures by members, and our annual party at the end of our grant cycle where we celebrate with our grant partners. As members of the LAGC, there are also opportunities to participate in many Liberty Hill Foundation events. 

We welcome members at all levels of philanthropic experience and income.  Some members donate annually in with little involvement. Others are more active. We welcome both types of members and leave it to each member to decide on the level of engagement that best suits her needs and schedule.

The relationship between the Los Angeles Giving Circle and the Liberty Hill Foundation

The Los Angeles Giving Circle operates under the umbrella of the Liberty Hill Foundation, which is a 501 C (3). The LAGC operates independently and adapts the Foundation’s process to fit its specific goals. Circle members determine their grant-making focus, while the Foundation manages the funds and provides guidance.